unit limited.

In addition to meeting the client's requirements 100%, as a creator we also provide 20%, 50% and even alpha That is our job and our significance. Plus Alpha is good design, sometimes fast and accurate progress and value for money, or a combination of all of them. We are constantly striving to raise the level of various parts and expand the range of plus alpha.

There are two elements that are necessary for "plus alpha".

One is communication. I think the design job is a communication job. For us, face-to-face meetings with clients, e-mail, telephone, fax, and communication via the Internet are very important in any way. This is because the design ideas, tips, and answers that the client wants can be drawn not only from the communication but also from the actual communication. This is the same for subcontractors and staff.By paying attention to this part, the tools we create help communicate with clients and their customers and consumers, and increase sales directly or indirectly.

And another is a sense of balance. It's important to balance design, cost, schedule, and everything else. Good design, impact and cheapness alone cannot make a really good tool. To maintain balance, we believe that the level of "plus alpha" can be increased by expanding the nerves to the smallest detail.

We value communication and a sense of balance, create new things, and continue to provide “plus alpha”.

クライアントの要求に100%応えるのは勿論のこと、クリエイターとして、さらに20%、50%、いやもっとたくさんのプラスアルファを提供する事。それこそが私たちの、仕事であり、存在する意義だと考えます。 そのプラスアルファとは、素晴らしいデザインであったり、ある時はスピーディーで正確な進行やコストパフォーマンスに優れていることであったり、すべてが組み合わされたものであったり様々です。その様々な部分のレベルアップを図り、プラスアルファの幅を広げる努力を常に行っています。






Advertising and promotion planning, development, design production, operation, management and printing
● Website planning, production and operation
・PC / SmartPhone ・Operation and management of EC site ・Video production ・Server management ・SEO measures
● Graphic design planning and production
・Newspaper Advertising ・Magazine Advertising ・Posters ・DM ・Flyer
・Catalog brochure leaflet ・Business card, envelope ・pop ・Paper bag package wrapping paper
・Logo ・character ・Branding ・CI VI plan ・Product design and development
● Multimedia
● Print
・General printing, various processing, special printing
● Handling of various advertising media, photos and copywriting, Illustration, Other
● Various promotions such as sales promotion in Hawaii



・PC /スマートフォン ・ECサイトの運用と管理 ・ビデオ制作 ・サーバー管理 ・SEO対策
・新聞広告雑誌広告 ・ポスター ・DM ・チラシ ・カタログパンフレット/リーフレット ・名刺、封筒 ・ポップ ・紙袋パッケージ包装紙
・ロゴ ・キャラクター ・ブランディング ・CI VIプラン ・製品の設計と開発